Bodie and the Elements

Road Trip - September 2017: Part 2


Part 2 of our road trip was to drive down Highway 395 to Bodie. Along the way we could see that it had snowed the day before. Not surprizing since the we had been in a crazy rain storm on part 1 of our trip. Bodie has been on my photo bucket list for a long time. I was hopeful that the cloudy skys would follow us to our destination. I'm not a fan of sunny skys when I take pictures of majestic locations. Blue skys are boring. Give me some clouds, and not the photoshop kind. A little disclaimer, I will sometimes enhance my skys in post production. I try to refrain from adding a sky or clouds that were never there to start with. On this day the skys over Bodie did not disapoint. It was amazing day. Target rich. We even saw some snow fall. Another crazy day in September