It’s like having a 1963 Panisonic Bluetooth Speaker

It’s like having a 1963 Panisonic Bluetooth Speaker


I purchased this old 1963 AM/FM tube radio a few years ago. I originally intended to use it in my garage/letterpress studio/man cave. Very retro, and very cool to listen to a baseball game on  AM radio - Go, Giants!

The wood case was pretty rough and the speaker cloth was stained and need to be replaced. Oops, I sanded through the veneer when I started the restoration. I then opted to spray paint over my mistake. Lucky for me I found a can of slate blue. Few coats later it had cool 60's vibe. Bought some new speaker cloth that accented the wood and had a hint of slate blue in the pattern. That was another lucky find!

Then back on the shelf, she went. Occasionally fiddling with the nobs and wishing it had an auxiliary input for digital music. No quality signal for clear reception on the FM dial. I needed a USB FM Transmitter Modulator. Actually a simple solution. Plug into my laptop's USB, set to transmit to a blank station. Tune the radio to the FM station you set.  Fire up your music and you're grooving.

It's like having a bluetooth speaker, but it's FM!