This was our second year going to the San Jose Printer’s Guild’s event. Officially called the S.F. Bay Area Printers’ Fair & Wayzgoose. As usual this is a small gathering of like minded individuals who enjoy the art and history of letterpress printing. It’s a good opportunity to purchase items for our studio. It is a long process, building a studio. Right now we are lucky if we can add a font or two, here or there. At this years event we were able to add some nice wood type and lead type to our collection. Letterpress Things had a nice selection, but wood type is a sought after commodity in the eyes of aspiring letterpress enthusiast. So it was selling fast. Picked up a pizza box full of 10-line all cap serif font (looks very much like De Vinne, there are a few little variations). Always nice to see sets sold complete, as opposed to per letter. I was also happy to see Skyline Type Foundry made the journey from Arizona. Nice to add some of his unique offerings of fonts to our type cases. We added 24pt Clematis and 24pt Caxtonian. M & H Type had a table this year. Another great source. Picked up a small perpetual calendar Handy Font No. 703 18pt. I’m sure given the time and money I could spend a lot if I spent more time around Skyline’s and M&H Type’s table . They would be dangerous company for my pocket book. Also, it’s always nice to pick up a few tubes of ink from Dave Robinson.

A special treat this year was the exhibit, “Slugs, Dingbats, & Tramp Printers! Printing in Santa Clara Valley” loacated in McKay Gallery at the Pasetta House in the History Park. When I have an opportunity to visit the McKay Gallery I always take a moment to remember Dave McKay. I had many opportunities to use Smith and McKay Printing, and Dave was always a professional. He was the type of vender that you felt you could call a friend. He has always been missed.
Hats off to all the vendors, I really appreciate having the opportunity to meet them and see the wonderful items that they bring to share or sell.
Even more appreciation to the members of the San Jose Printers’ Guild that work hard to put on the event and preserve letterpress printing history.