A New Camera For Me!

A new camera arrived today. This is the third DSLR I’ve purchased in the DSLR era. My first was a Nikon D80. I held off till 2006, waiting until the market had an affordable 10 mega pixel contender. This camera served me well until 2013 when I jumped up to the D7100 and it’s 24 mega pixels. There has been a lot of technological improvements in 7-years I’ve used the D7100. The 51-point focus was amazing, and the D7100 is still a great camera. But I was looking for a change.

In early 2020 we had just returned from a pre-COVID vacation to Hawaii, and I wasn’t happy. I just felt my photography on this trip was not up to par. I really need to up my game. Maybe a new camera would help my motivation. There are cheaper ways to get motivated, but who doesn’t like the thought of a new camera.

I became fixated on the Fuji X100V. Simple fixed lens and retro as heck. As my interest in street photography increased this seemed like it would be my next camera. But I needed more than what the X100V could provide (But I still want one, think they had me at retro). Then again, moving into another DSLR almost seemed that I would be going away from where the industry was moving. Mirrorless is all the rage. Nikon has spent most of there efforts in developing their mirrorless Z cameras. I couldn’t see scraping all my lenses or using an adaptor. I know it may be apples and oranges, but I also couldn’t see changing brands. I’m pretty brand loyal.

I started to look closer at the Nikon full frame DSLRs. Didn’t need the mega pixel beast that is the D850, although I did consider it. The D780 seemed to check all the boxes on my list. Of my current three lenses, two are FX. So I feel good about being able to use my old lenses. So I pulled the trigger. Lets just say, I’m impressed. Just snapping some random shots around the yard. Wow. What a big difference the full frame does make. Just so much more detail and information to use in post production. As a designer, I’m going to see what I can do to any photo I take. Some times I take a shoot just for a texture in a future design. It’s always good to have your own liabrary.

heighbors on a walk