Last year I had the opportunity to work with a group of artist on an alphabet poster. It is amazing how the letterform can be manipulated. Through out history we’ve seen decorative initial caps at the forefront of paragraphs. Fancy letters that seemed to capture the elegance of a bygone era. To find inspiration I like to examine the detail found in vintage map typography. A collection of examples of Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Typography can be viewed online.

For this poster collaboration I chose the letters “I” and “Z”. Armed with numerous sketches I worked in Adobe Illustrator to finalize my ideas. Here is results.

Second phase of the project was to print our letters on coasters. I finally found some time to print one of my letters. The coaster is a nice thick stock for the press to bit in to.

Letterpress Studio

A Must See For Anyone Who Loves Letterpress!

Saw this Poster back in 2008 in Seattle. Don’t know why I didn’t Buy it then.
If you’re in Nashville and you want one Hatch Poster it should be a classic Hank Williams.
Ever letterpress studio should have a coffee cup from Hatch Show Print.
Didn’t get to go to the Picker’s Nashville store. But I had already purchased this Hatch poster a few years ago