Some Penline Florishes

By PressMan_1 | May 5, 2012

                                                                                                  These are 72pt Penline Flourishes by…

Organizing the Type "New" Cases

By PressMan_1 | April 25, 2012

Ever have omne of those “American Picker’s” Moments?   Recently my wife and I drove up to the wine country. We thought we’d check out a few antique stores in the region. We were finding a lot of little items. How is it Mike and Frank of the TV show “American Picker’s” put it –…

Ever have one of those "American Picker's" Moments?

By PressMan_1 | April 24, 2012

                                                                                      Recently, my wife and I drove up to the wine country. We…

New Sound System for the Studio

By PressMan_1 | March 17, 2012

It’s not always about where technology is going, sometimes it’s good to look at where it’s been. It’s not just a retro thing. As a Creative Director, you have to look at the past as well as the future for inspiration. Those who know me know I work hard to keep up with technology. But…

Copper Face Printers Block of a Printing Press

By PressMan_1 | March 8, 2012

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Picked up this Copper Faced Printing Block of an old printing press. I knew it was a printing press, but wasn’t familiar with what type I was looking at. After asking around I found the consensus to be that this is a Little Giant. The printing block measures 2.75 x 4.25. [/et_pb_text][et_pb_image…