Sigwalt No.10”

The Ben Franklin Print Shop

Sigwalt No. 10”

Every once in a while I find a letterpress item in an antique shop. Usually it’s a piece of wood type here and there. When we’re really lucky we have found a whole bunch of type. We’ve even found a couple of Hamilton type cases.  We were on our way north to the wine country to pick up some bottles at Cline Cellars in Sonoma. It had been a while since we had taken a side trip to the little town of Martinez. There are a couple of stores worth visiting while in Martinez–Antiques On Main and Antique Corner. At Antiques On Main I noticed a box that said, The Ben Franklin Print Shop. Print Shop! What’s that? The kind gentleman brought it up to the counter so I could see what what inside. It was a small Sigwalt No.10. It was like new and even had a decent roller, plus an extra still wrapped. This is such a cute little press I had to have it. It looked so small when I set it on our 10×15 C&P. Not sure what year this was produced. The Sigwalts where around for many years. I figure it may be the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.