To say we have a new bike for our studio implies that we had an old one – We didn’t. I just thought it would be fun to have a cruiser bike. Something a little slower pace than a feather light road bike or an off-road mountain bike. These days I just want to peddle slow and relax. You could say this bike is similar to what you would of rode if you had a paper route. Usually the bike would have been a Schwinn Cruiser. Now the the entire category of Cruiser bikes has expanded to include Beach Cruisers, Rat Bikes, Retro, and Customs.

Letterpress Studio

If You're Not On Your Press, Get On Your Bike and Ride!

The bike is gorgeous right of the bat. Nevertheless, there is always the need to customize and accessorize. The first thing, of coarse, was to brand the wood tank plate with the letterpress studio’s logo. Secondly, The brown slats looked okay, but genuine oak slats are a nice touch.
Electra Delivery Front Rack Oak Slats
Rear Rack Electra Delivery Mod
Electra Bicycles
Big fan of Electra Bicycles. Quality product and attention to details. Now both my wife and I ride Electra.
Wheel Away Bicycles in Campbell, CA

Wheel Away Bike Shop

We all have our favorite bike shops. Wheel Away in Campbell, CA has always treated me right. They carry quality bikes and are very knowledgeable. Good guys and great service!
There are some really cool bicycles out on the market. Companies like Electra and Felt are making things interesting. Especially if you’re looking to shift less gears.
Didn’t get to go to the Picker’s Nashville store. But I had already purchased this Hatch poster a few years ago