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Working hard to get ink on paper. 

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We have a 1927 10 x 15 Chandler and Price and a Show Card press

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Shop Bike.

Every print shop needs to have a shop bike.

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Famous quotes are the perfect subject for creative letterpress designs.
Roaring Camp Village Print Shop

Roaring Camp Village Print Shop

Things have been quit here at TPO. Haven't found time to get ink on paper. I've been trying to rearrange the press shop before I start any new projects. Took a little trip to hike up at Henry Cowell State Park(CA) last weekend. Doesn't have much to do with letterpress...

Brought To You By the Letter "I" & "Z"

Last year I had the opportunity to work with a group of artist on an alphabet poster. It is amazing how the letterform can be manipulated. Through out history we've seen decorative initial caps at the forefront of paragraphs. Fancy letters that seemed to capture the...

Welcome to TimePressesOn.

Anita and Ken are the proprietors of TimPressesOn.

Anita has a background in Scrapbooking, having managed a store for several years. Scrapbooking fuses her passions for travel and documenting memories. Ken and Anita are adventure buddies, loving to road trip to new places. What’s a road trip if you can’t find a nice antique store to browse.

Ken has a background in graphic design. For over 20 years he has designed everything from corporate collateral to branding for special events. As his professional career keeps moving more digital ken wanted a more analog outlet for creativity. The purchase of a 10” x 15” 1927 Chandler & Price letterpress was the perfect solution. Both Ken and Anita love ephemera. Things like Victorian Trade Cards always capture their imaginations.

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