Bodie and the Elements

By PressMan_1 | January 13, 2021

Road Trip – September 2017: Part 2 Part 2 of our road trip was to drive down Highway 395 to Bodie. Along the way we could see that it had snowed the day before. Not surprizing since the we had been in a crazy rain storm on part 1 of our trip. Bodie has been…

Photo of Chairs

No Body Here But Us Chairs

By PressMan_1 | January 13, 2021
Getting Old and Hanging On

Getting Old, and Hanging On

By PressMan_1 | January 11, 2021

Getting Old, and Hanging On On my walk yesterday I saw a fruit of some kind. Wrinkled and hanging on. Thought it had a story, seemed to be the story of life.

Kitchen Captures

By PressMan_1 | January 6, 2021

It is an interesting time we are living in. The COVID stay at home order can make photography a challenge. Well, for me it does. I’m wanting, longing, to get out and take pictures. Find some location other the my home where I can use my new camera. But today I end up in my…


A New Camera For Me!

By PressMan_1 | January 3, 2021

A new camera arrived today. This is the third DSLR I’ve purchased in the DSLR era. My first was a Nikon D80. I held off till 2006, waiting until the market had an affordable 10 mega pixel contender. This camera served me well until 2013 when I jumped up to the D7100 and it’s 24…

Index of ATF Alphabet Cards

By PressMan_1 | June 26, 2020

Ad Lib 1aa Alternate Gothic No.2  36a, 36b Baskerville Roman  1a, 1b Baskerville Italic  1a  Bernhard Modern Roman 1,2    Bernhard Modern Italic 3,4   Bernhard Modern Bold 5, 6   Bernhard Modern Bold Italic 7   Bodoni 9, 10   Bodoni Italic 11 Bodoni Bold 12, 13 Bodoni Bold Italic 14, 15 Brody 15a,…

Plastic Showcard Type

28-line Showcard, Plastic Mounted on Wood

By PressMan_1 | May 20, 2018

John G. Cooley Wood Type

By PressMan_1 | September 28, 2017 I told my Sister in-law that I’m now going to expect to find letterpress type every time I come to visit. Last visit I picked a few sorts at an antique store near her house. Prior to this visit she struck gold and found the “Bonanza”. Part of the lot was a small…

A Letterpress Bonanza!

By PressMan_1 | September 27, 2017 Bonanza? Well, maybe more like a Ponderosa. We recently added some curious items to our little garage studio. My Sister-in-law found some printer’s blocks and wood type at an antique shop near Carson City, NV. She picked up the entire box. Printer’s blocks, wood type and sorts. This bundle came with a bit of…

Sigwalt No.10

By PressMan_1 | August 7, 2017

The Ben Franklin Print Shop Sigwalt No. 10 Every once in a while I find a letterpress item in an antique shop. Usually it’s a piece of wood type here and there. When we’re really lucky we have found a whole bunch of type. We’ve even found a couple of Hamilton type cases.  We were…