I Am a Hot Wheels Kid Again

If you were a kid of the sixties,
like me, you probably remember
when Hot Wheels arrived in your neighborhood.

Prior to the arrival of those shinny fast Redlines I had a few Matchbox cars. I can still remember looking at the display case at the local Rexall Drug store. Eye level, and if they had the car you wanted you told them number, and they get it for you. And you were a happy kid.

Match Box Car Display

No matter how cool Matchbox cars were at the time, they were soon eclipsed by the Hot Wheel cars screaming down the orange tracks. Once we even started the cars out of my neighbor Stuart’s second story bedroom window. That was an epic fail and a lesson in gravity.

Lil Ken

Little Ken in 1968

I was eight years old when Hot Wheels hit shelves in May of 1968. They were one of my favorite childhood toys. My days were filled with Legos, Gi-Joes, Plastic Army Men, Spirograph and building models.

Back in 1995 I remember Hot Wheels came out with a 25 year anniversary series. I picked up a few cars like my favorite, the Beatnik Bandit.  I had picked an original Red Baron and Paddy Wagon at an antique store. These cars were popular because of the plastic model kits. The other day I came across the cars that have been in my dresser drawer for years. They always make me smile, lots of fond memories.


Happy Collecting!

I hope I can refain from going crazy. It would be easy to buy everything I like. But that is just not realistic.